The use of personal electronic devices in the outdoors continues to grow, creating demand for portable power solutions to recharge these devices. Portable solar panels have become the preferred power source.

How to Choose Solar Chargers

  1. Do you need it for USB charging?
  2. How much power do you need?
  3. You might want to store the power in a battery because maybe it is inconvenient to tie your device to the panel.
  4. If you are buying online, check the reviews. (Most are not that good. Some have panels way too small.)

When is having a battery charger necessary if you have a solar power system?

When you’re using said system to power critical items (IE stuff like refrigerators, etc) where if those batteries get too low you cannot power said items.

I have one on mine but I rarely use it, as what I use the batteries to power isn’t super mission critical (Ham Radio Station). But I do have it so if in using my station and I have sunless days that the batteries are approaching 50% capacity, I can recharge them from the wall if need be.

It depends on the type of system and what you’re doing with it. Obviously if its a system you’re using to store power then use the stored power to power your home, you might not need a charger per se, but I wouldn’t ditch the connection to commercial power in case your batteries get too low…

But if what you’re powering is not mission critical and you can put some kind of control on anything that uses the batteries automatically to shut down before you drain them too low and cause damage, then you might not need a charger.

It totally depends on the application and how critical said application is.

10 Best Solar Chargers

Based on dozens of customer reviews and ratings, the followings are the top 10 best-selling Solar Chargers: